About Snow Flowers After Dark

Snow Flowers After Dark is a division of Snow Flower Enterprises. While our main focus has been on family friendly reading, we have grown to acknowledge that adults like to read more passionate material.  Whether that passion is in the romantic setting or in the more graphic nature of horror, we want to provide a way for you to express yourselves.

We do NOT promote hate writing, child porn, or incest. We do allow Romances of all types - including erotica - and the more graphic violence found in genres that may not be suitable for younger readers. In other words... reading considered higher than PG13.  We also acknowledge that the topics we do not promote do happen in life and in writing. For example: A Time to Kill by John Grisham covered some of these items... But his writing did not PROMOTE them as something to praise or glorify. This type of writing would be acceptable.

If you'd be interested in another outlet to feature your work, contact me. I'd love to make room for another great book. 

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